About Psilly Rabbits

Psilly Rabbits are endemic to the Pacific Northwest.  Psilly Rabbits discuss philosophical and experiential topics from an interdisciplinary approach, often interviewing professionals and specialists in many different fields of expertise.  From Alchemy to Zen, Ethnobotany to Aliens, and History to Myth; we always come back to altered states and the nature of consciousness.  Sustainability is another important factor in the life of the psilly rabbit.  Every episode will be heavily referenced when appropriate, and you can check out our reference page for links to any books mentioned here or just plain important according to these podcasters.  

Amanda is a student of History, Philosophy, and Religion.  They are graduating this spring and are interested in mycology, ethnobotany, chickens, water, and worms. 

Cody is a permaculture designer, history buff, LDS survivor, and amateur mycologist.  He is interested in researching ancient, esoteric, and lost practices in hopes that such knowledge can help lead humankind towards a more sustainable and healthy future for generations to come. 

We are a listener supported podcast and appreciate every one of you. If you like what you hear please consider giving a little to our Patreon artist page http://patreon.com/psillyrabbits.   If you can't help us out monetarily, please take a moment to give us a good review on itunes, stitcher, or the podcast outlet of your choice.  

Please, if you have anything to add, any insight, critiques, or general feedback that could help us improve upon our mission, contact us on Facebook.com/psillyrabbits or email us at directly at psilly.rabbits@gmail.com .