Ep022 - Deep State Psychedelics with Alex Tsakiris

This week Alex Tsakiris, host of the Skeptiko Podcast joins us to discuss psychedelics, social engineering, and the 'Deep State'. We get into the work of Joe Atwill, and his research regarding Gordon Wasson's CIA connections.

On Skeptiko, Alex interviews leading researchers and scientists looking into the different aspects of human consciousness; mainly near death experiences, parapsychology, and what Alex likes to call deeper spirituality. Last month, Alex was kind enough to have me on his show to chat about psychedelics, entheogens, and their intersection with this idea of deeper spirituality. During our conversation, Alex and I sort of glazed over this whole connection to the Deep State that continually pops up in the field of psychedelic research. Alex has since had Joe Atwill on the show to dive deeper into this concept of the Deep State and psychedelics, and my response to that follow-up episode is what inspired a lot of today's conversation.

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Show Notes:

Skeptiko Podcast with Alex Tsakiris

Ep360 - Cody Noconi, Can Entheogens Lead to Deeper Spirituality?

Ep364 - Joe Atwill, Why is the Deep State Interested in Psychedelics?

Manufacturing the Deadhead: A Product of Social Engineering… by Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin

'Deep State' operations mentioned in the show:

Project MK-Ultra - Wiki

Operation Paperclip - Wiki

Stargate Project - Wiki

Skeptiko Ep341 - Ex-Stargate Head, Ed May, Unyielding Re Materialism, Slams Dean Radin

Pre-Wasson literature discussing 'entheogens' or psychedelic substances:

“When thy soul shall be made drunk by the divine ambrosial nectar, then shall thy understanding be more clear than the noontide sun; – then, by thy strong and spiritualized intellectual eye, shalt thou see into the great treasury of Nature, and thou shalt praise God with thy whole heart.” (Barrett, Francis. “The Magus, or Celestial Inteligencer.” London, England, 1801. pg58)

Such passions as these we can induce by magical vapors, confections, perfumes, collyries, unctions, potions, lamps, lights, etc.; likewise by mirrors, images, enchantments, charms, sounds, and music; also by divers rites, observations, ceremonies, religion, etc.” [emphasis in original] (Barrett, Francis. “The Magus, or Celestial Inteligencer.” London, England, 1801. pg33)

It is admitted that the texts and nomencleture of Midieval materials on Hermeticism were cryptic and queer; but for that there are several explinations for the need for secrecy, including the need to keep laymen from endangering themselves with drugs they could not understand. (Mackey, Albert Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, 1873. Found in Newman, PD Alchemically Stoned p47)

We shall then know the secret of those spongy excresences which draw their unused surplus from trees, and surcharge themselves from their tinctures and sap; the mushrooms, truffles, the galls of trees...Then we shall no more laugh at Paracelsus. (Waite, Arthur The History of Magic by Eliphas Levi p185. Found in Newman, PD Alchemically Stoned p85)

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