Ep011 - Psychedelic Mormons pt2 with Bryce Blakenagel

This week, Cody finishes out the conversation started last week with Bryce Blakenagel of the Naked Mormonism Podcast. Cody and Bryce read and dissect a research paper they've been working on, exploring evidence of psychedelic/entheogenic/sacramental drug use by the early Mormon church. Both episodes are quite lengthy, so we forgo our new segments and just dive DEEP into this groundbreaking new interpretation of Mormon history. This conversation is also posted on the Naked Mormonism Podcast as a combined podcast. Thank you to Bryce for taking care of the editing.

Cody and Bryce will be presenting this hypothesis at the 2017 Sunstone Symposium in Salt Lake City Utah, this weekend on July the 29th. Please join us in Salt Lake City should you find yourself in the area.

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Show Notes:

Revelation Through Hallucination. A discourse on the Joseph Smith-entheogen theory - By: Bryce Blankenagel and Cody Noconi - PDF version of the paper we are discussing. Please leave comments and continue the dialogue!

Bryce Blakenagel - The Naked Mormonism Podcast and My Book of Mormon Podcast

Robert Beckstead - The Restoration and the Sacred Mushroom, 2008

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