Ep018 - Myco Deep Dive pt1 'Stametsian Philosophy'

A very happy, if slightly belated Mushroom Day! This week the gods had it in for us. Three major computer crashes, a few lost recordings, and several power outages. But, we cannot be stopped! Thank you for your patience.

This week we do things a little differently. As amateur mycologists, we join forces for the first episode in an ongoing series diving into the world of mycology. We cover the career of mycologist extraordinaire, Paul Stamets. We explore his unique method and regimen for microdosing psilocybin, and how his myco-philosophy can help save the world. We cover the varying strengths and preservation methods for different strains of hallucinogenic mushrooms, discuss the Psychedelic Science conference, and nerd out on the PSI-Vitamin presented there.

Particularly dense, but fun episode this week. Hope you all enjoy.

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