Ep016 - Psilly Review of Disjointed

For today’s episode, Amanda and Cody unite forces for an unorthodox episode, reviewing the new Netflix series Disjointed, starring Cathy Bates as an eccentric cannabis dispensary owner. This episode is just small teaser of the exclusive patreon content which will we will be releasing regularly in the future.

Late night recording + cannabis and tequila shots = very Psilly Rabbits. The explicit tag is there for a reason this week. If you are turned off by foul language, or find yourself easily offended, then this may not be the episode for you. You all usually get to hear us in a presentation mode, wherein we try to relay important information quickly and accurately. This episode is not that. Again, things got a little saucy whilst under influence of a unique blend of sleep deprivation, cannabis and tequila.

That all said, we hope you enjoy!

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