Ep033 - Exploring Psychedelics with Martin Ball

This week Amanda is joined by Martin Ball to discuss his books and philosophy. Martin is the organizer of the Exploring Psychedelics conferences in Ashland Oregon, which will be held this weekend May 24-26 at Southern Oregon University for the fifth year running. The event is free to attend and open to all ages.

Show Notes:

2018 Exploring Psychedelics in Ashland Oregon - The main website for anyone looking for more information.

MartinBall.net - If you enjoyed the discussion with Martin, you can find links to all of his books and various art projects here.

Entheogenic Evolution Podcast - Martin's podcast.

Reset.me interview with Martin Ball - Another great interview with Martin.

Terence on DMT: An Entheological Analysis of McKenna’s Experiences in the Tryptamine Mirror of the Self - A Reality Sandwich article detailing Martin's criticisms of Terence McKenna's experiences and work. Egos are a lot like assholes...some are just louder than others.

A Reply to Martin Ball's "Terence on DMT" - A delightful, if slightly zealous response article from Peter Meyer.