Thief Oil


Thief Oil

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Ingredients (Certified Organic Non-GMO*): Fractionated Coconut Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Combat illness with this age-old antimicrobial blend.

As the story goes, a small group of seventeenth century thieves were arrested in Paris for robbing the homes and corpses of local plague victims. The thief guilds at the time, had a reputation for remaining untouched by the frequent plague epidemics despite regularly looting fresh corpses in the aftermath. Under threat of long-term sentences in hard labor camps, the thieves agreed to reveal their secret in exchange for lighter sentences. The recipe they apparently gave, is the recipe used for the blend we all affectionately know as Thief Oil.

Apply several drops to your hand, and gently massage into the throat, and around your mouth/ears. You may also rub the oil into your armpits and over the kidneys. Help fight off illness this flu season the natural way.

*Consult your physician before using this blend. Do Not use if breastfeeding or pregnant.*

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